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About Us

SPEAK ENGLISH EASILY (SEE) is a unique institute which concentrates learning English as a second language. Students are able to learn English and speak as per his / her situation is only because English is taught from Malayalam

Generally we all think in our mother tongue at our beginning level then we translate or transliterate into English. The same methodology is followed here in modeling the students. Essential English grammar and its various usages are taught from Malayalam into English.

After teaching English grammar a lot of “How to topics” are given to understand the formal situations besides how to interact such situations.

Every day my student feels that they learn the apt usages of English. So they are able to speak in English without making mistakes.

The Trainer

Dr.R. Johnny, has been a Communicative English trainer since 2002. He is an English graduate and a doctoral scholar.

He is an adept in English language (phonetics and topical usage studies). His 'Speak English Easily' Spoken English institute was initially started in the year 2002. Now it has many branches in and around Neyyattinkara.

"A person who is having a good command over English is considered to be an intelligent person"